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Pain in the hip area can definitely limit our normal activities. Did you know that the hip is the largest joint in our body? When it is injured it's definitely not fun.

I'd like to give you ideas on how to avoid hip pain. Or, if you're having this condition how you can obtain relief.

Hip pain can be caused by tendonitis or bursitis of the hip, muscles pulls or strains, joint injury and other sources. It can cause a mild ache or range to an intense pain. We may feel aching in the thigh or a pain radiating into the groin.

Here are some steps to minimize pain in the hip area.

First, rest it until your condition is corrected. Avoid impact activities like running, and stop and go sports like baseball and tennis. Also, avoid activities that can strain the hip joints like golfing and bowling.

Second, don't sit with your legs crossed or sleep with your hip and leg turned outward which will strain and stress the hip joint.

Third, use ice or cold applications to the hip area. To learn how to properly do this you can visit my previous article: The Chiropractic Answer To- "Should I Use Ice or Heat?

Many times there is an association between hip pain and our lower backs and pelvic joints - sometimes called the sacroiliac joints. If there are misalignment's or imbalances of the back and pelvis it can cause or worsen hip pain. So we always check the hip and the lower back and pelvis and aim our chiropractic treatments at the appropriate area.

Seek chiropractic care for safe, conservative, non-surgical treatment of hip pain.

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