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A cute little news feature that aired in March of 2004 on the TV station KSFY from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, followed the story of Heidi, an eight-year-old Miniature Dachshund who had suffered major lower back problems.

Heidi's owner Darla Kempf, recalled, " Initially she had been lifting one back leg for quite a while and the vet had looked at her and said she had a disc problem." Despite plenty of pampering and rounds of drugs, Heidi wasn't getting any better.

Darla then decided to take Heidi to a chiropractor. Dr. Jones, examined Heidi and started to initiate care. The results were expectedly positive. Heidi's owner says she's seen huge progress in five sessions. But Dr. Jones doesn't limit his animal practice to pups, "I've worked on every animal from A-Z, but of course if there's anything that's dangerous, I like to have a muzzle on it!"